Virtual Number in Germany for Brazil Staff

Dear Staff,

i am based in germany and have 1 staffmember in brazil who needs to make and accept calls with german clients. And appear to be Germany.

Importantly, the quality of the calls needs to be tripple-A.


  • 100h per month. 400 calls
  • 70% inbound (Germany 2 Brazil)
  • 30% outbound (Brazil 2 Germany).


  1. Inbound Calls from clients in Germany
    i need her to have a (virtual) german landline number that forwards inbound calls from clients to her brazil mobile phone.

Limitation: As local Internet coverage in brazil is unstable, we cannot use a VOIP client.

  1. Outbound Calls to clients in Germany
    The braziliian staffmember needs to make calls to German clients using her mobile phone. The german virtual number needs to be displayed as caller ID. So the german client thinks, the call is from germany.


  1. can you provide this service?

  2. What are the setup costs

  3. what are the fixed monthly costs

  4. what are the costs of inbound calls (call setup, p/minute)

  5. what are the costs of outbound calls (call setup, p/minute)

  6. how much time does it take to setup the service

  7. what is the contract duration and contract cancellation policy

  8. can i keep the virtual numer if i decide to switch providers?

Hi Ray

Glad you’re considering us and we can definitely help

Let us first get the regulations out of the way as Germany is one of our most strict countries ( along with Turkey)

You will need proof of address in the Germany city you want a number, along with a matching Photo Idnentiftion or Company certificate

Can you’re staff member or company provide this?


Yes I have all that.

sure. no problem. i have all that available

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Super sorry for the delay @ray as this seems to have slipped the cracks… ( this should have been replied to in less than 24 hours)

If you decide to come on board with us the first month of service is on us ( just PM the username if and when you’re ready )

Yes we can


$2.95 a month for the Germany number and a per min rate depending on where you call

If you answer with SIP ( over the interent ) its free , otherwise the per min rates apply

The per min rates for this

With Germany it should be 24 hours or less

No contract and cancel anytime

Yes you have the right to port the number away from us

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions