Locals calling pay local prices?

Hello, i have several questions, hoping that you from flynumber could help me with.
I would like to ask you guys directly through a support line/mail address (if there is one i would be thankful to know it), but i hope this way is also o.k.
So: Locals calling me through the virtual number where ever i am, are paying their local prices right? Besides this do i have any fees while being called?
I will only use (sorry i don’t know what VOIP means) my smartphone (i have no fixed telefone at any place-apartment) to which it could be connected. Is that o.k. It would be only to my cell phone.
For German numbers it would be 2.95 Dollars right?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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Sure thing and glad to hear you’re considering us

You can always email us but this works as well

Correct, they pay what they normally pay to call that local number

No fees for you since you’ll use VOIP or a SIP app on your smartphone. Let us know your username and we can set this from here.

Correct, keep in mind you’ll need proof of address in the German city you want a phone number ( this is due to local carrier regulations )

Thank you very much. May i ask what your support email address is, i would like to ask some questions directly.
Thank you very much.


Sure thing and its right here

If you need anything at all please let us know