Luxembourg or Czech number to call into Germany


I won’t be able to qualify for a German number but I want to call into Germany for as cheap as possible to look for a job. I am currently in Canada

I see this:

However, I don’t think this applies if I buy a Czech number from FlyNumber and then call into Germany. So my primary question is what is cheapest way of going about calling into Germany for me?

Here are some other questions too please:

  1. What are the setup costs
  2. what are the fixed monthly costs
  3. what are the costs of inbound calls (call setup, p/minute)
  4. what are the costs of outbound calls (call setup, p/minute)
  5. how much time does it take to setup the service
  6. what is the contract duration and contract cancellation policy
  7. can i keep the virtual number if i decide to switch providers?

Thank you

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Hi @tylerprivel

You’d pay a low rate to call any German number


$2.95 a month for a Canada, Luxembourg or Czech number ( depending on what you want to show up as the caller ID )

*The Lux number can be registered under any address in the world

When using an app it’s free and unlimited

Rates here

A Canada number is active right away, if we have to register the number it may take 24 hours

None and cancel anytime

Yes, we would never block a port out from a genuine customer with an authentic port out request

Thanks and here if you need anything

  1. Okay. So if I get a Luxembourg number and I call into Germany which rate is this going to fall under 99% of the time if it is a German LAN line company I am phoning. Is it 0.0430 USD a minute?

  2. Should I be filtering for German numbers on Per Minute Rates or Luxembourg numbers?

  3. Which country in the EU would you recommend for my needs?

  4. And they can phone me back and leave a voicemail on that same line?

thanks again.

Yes thats correct

If you call a German phone number, you will want to check out the Germany rates yes

Perhaps a UK number works for you? a Lux phone number is a good idea as well


You’re very welcome and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask

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Okay. I’m sold. You’ve been helpful. How do I buy a Lux number for one month only?

Final question:

  1. If I buy a Lux number for one month and use 100 minutes at 0.0430 USD a minute do I only paid:
    ($2.95) + (100 * $0.0430) = $7.25 USD + 5% tax? or are there other hidden fees?

Thanks again.

Haha. More questions. In the “Sign up in 3 easy steps” section.

  1. What do I select in the “Select forwarding destination”
    a. Regular phone
    b. VoIP
    c. ITSP
    d. PBXww

    I think VoIP, correct?

  2. What do I select in protocol?

  3. What do I put in “Enter host”

  4. What do I put in “Enter details”

thanks again.

Correct, 2.95 a month for the number and .043 for the forwarding

Please choose the last one ( this part of the site is being updated )

Thanks again and standing by