Unable to connect, time out

Hi, I acquired a number and I’m having some issues trying to connect it to a mobile device with Acrobits and OSX Telephone app, I can connect with skype and yesterday I did got for a few minutes a connection using Acrobits app but was gone after tying to test it again, all the errors are referring to time out when trying to connect, wonder what’s wrong.

Perhaps this is your network, can you try to switch to 3G or another wifi?

Please also try to ping the server address from the SIP credentials you received

I would also try to connect with a PC SIP client to make sure all is OK and worst case create new SIP info in the PBX

Please open a ticket with your IP address if you are unable to ping the SIP server

It’s a network issue, in 3G works fine, now need to find why isp is blocking 5060:)

Please check your firewall and any virus protection program you may have running.

Please also PM ( or open a support ticket) your IP address to make sure it wasn’t banned for too many failed attempts