Outgoing Calls using Blink

Hi guys

I have set everything up according to this post :


However, I can’t use outbound or even inbound feature , help please ???

It says “timeout” when I try to make outbound call and it seems that I cant log in at first place

Seems you are not registered with the SIP info provided from the PBX

Please check your firewall and network to see if they are blocking SIP or port 5060

I would also ping the server address you received from the PBX to test this

How to check if firewall or network s blocking SIP or port 5060 ?

Also, I have tried to ping it and I’ve got the message “Unknown command …”

I have tried different laptop , nothing changed

Further instructions ?

Also, is there any other free software like Blink I can use ?

I have tried to use it with Blink on another laptop / network ( different network provider ) and it worked !! So, what should I do to make it happen in my own laptop ? Something with firewall ?