Paid Renewal - No service!

I have already issued 3 tickets regarding this, we have had no service on our phone number since beginning of December. We paid our renewal in advance - for the yearly amount - but the number is no longer active.

I am not happy. I have tried to call approx 15 times, no answer, from any of your lines.

We’ve been using the service since 2014. We never have issues, until it comes to paying! There is a serious disconnect between billing and the service provided.

We have paid - in advance! - to make sure there was no interruption. You have had the money, but we continue to have no service on the phone number we paid for.

In “my Flynumbers” someone has created a new monthly rebilling cycle for some random number we did not request.

If this isn’t resolved, we will claim back on the credit card because we are not able to receive calls. Ongoing issue that no one seems to care to resolve.

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Hi @yasminfrench

Very sorry for the delay with this and we had some major site updates these past weeks. This caused some invoice issues but we’re back on track. We look forward to having some great new features added as well, including SMS. We needed this infrastructure update first though- we are very sorry again for any inconvenience caused

We are on top of this and we should have your France number on the account shortly, we are also adding 3 months service for the inconvenience here

Thanks and will update via email/ticket ASAP