Softphone Android for incoming calls installation instructions

Where can I find clear step wise instructions to setup a softphone on Android with a Flynumber?
I tried Zoipier but the app seems to crash.
I tried Linphone but I do not have a clear idea on how to set this up as I cannot find the instructions.

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This post may help, are you using our PBX?

Are you on the latest verison?

I can help with this, if you don’t mind posting a screenshot of the settings I can provide more clear instructions as far as what credentials go where.

Have you considered using Groudwire? I personally have used it for years and it works well. It’s a paid app (one time fee) but imho worth it.

Thanks and standing by

I completely understand the frustration of trying to find clear instructions for setting up a softphone on Android with a Flynumber. It can be quite a challenge!

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Hi @JackGraves

Thanks for posting.

Sorry to hear this, product documentation along with a knowledge base of sorts should be live soon - literally in the works.

The blog has a couple easy how to guides.

If you’re using Android or any smartphone (without our PBX)

If you’re using our phone system, you’ll want to check this post out

Let us know if you need anything at all.

Thanks! While I haven’t personally used Zoiper or Linphone, I did come across the Acrobits webpage during my own search for similar information. They have a wealth of helpful insights and installation instructions that might be just what you need to get your softphone up and running smoothly.
I suggest giving Acrobits a try. You can see if their instructions work for you. It’s always a relief to find clear step-by-step guides that make the setup process easier.

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I see, Acrobits makes fantastic VoIP apps, one of those guides included the Acrobits “Groundwire” app if it helps.

Since we’re on the topic of user guides, this 3d party has a write up on setting up a FlyNumber without the PBX.

Very much appreciated and will look this over.