Getting a Softphone to Work (Noob Here)

Hi. Sorry for the long post…

I am looking for a quick guide on how to turn the number I bought into a fully working phone on my computer please.

Well I got phoning somewhat working on my smart phone using this guide:
The guide was very well done.

Now I am trying to get it setup on my computer and it is a bit overwhelming trying to go through this:
I guess if someone can point me in the right direction for getting started it would be super helpful, something like the smart phone guide maybe?

Here are some things I eventually want to get setup:

  1. Right now when I phone the number I bought from my other phone number I just get “this number is out of service” I dial 011 before and the full number. Ideally I would like to be able to (1a.) record a voice mail greeting and then (1b.) have the voicemail be sent to an email of my chosing.

  2. be able to have some form of “softphone” on my computer so I can use my headset to phone people. Ideally just like a large virtual number pad on my screen I can dial is fine. but if that requires some 3rd party app then maybe I can just use whatever fly number has built in on the™. I don’t need anything fancy. Just literally need to be able to call out and the also pick up the phone on my computer.

  3. If I should be using a 3rd party softphone app for my simple use case, which one would people recommend?

I am doing follow up calls for jobs in a foreign country. I have all the information stored on a spread sheet so I don’t need anything fancy from flynumber to store my data.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi @tylerprivel

Not at all, we actually really appreciate the attention to detail :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you

Please try now as we see the cables were not connected

Sure thing and we set you up with a voicemail from here as an example.

Yes any SIP client would work, a free easy one to use is zoiper

Zoiper as mentioned above, not sure if you’re on PC or Mac but a search for SIP client in your respective app stores should yield some interesting results

It’s my pleasure and here if you need anything at all

Wow thanks.

  1. On my “Default Ring Group” in green, (online I assume), I have random characters I made for the name under the 0 to 60 ring time. No one I call outgoing sees this right? The only thing out going people see is the “caller ID name” I set in my SIP Account and the number I am calling from. Correct?

  2. I think I may get the paid version of GroundWire. This can be a question for them, but maybe you know.
    Do they charge a monthly rate? Or just a flat fee?
    Do that have a desktop windows client like zoiper? It seems like they do not before purchasing the app.
    If both charge a monthly fee will zoiper be just as good as groundwire for my simple use case?
    Looks like zoiper is $50.00 one time for the desktop client Pro version even if you have the preimum trial for 7 days. Not worth it.

  3. The links with extensions numbers in the middle in the phone.system GUI don’t seem to work. There is a “1” between a “Default Voicemail” and “Voice Menu”. When I hear the prerecorded greeting on the “Default Voicemail” menu and press “1” it does not start playing the Voice Menu “.mp3”. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Also a questions for the softphone people, but maybe you know. How does the video chat work? Both people need to have that specific soft phone for video chat to work I assume? Just wondering.

Thanks again. Honestly, I could see giving up my regular number and just getting data with these prices.

My Pleasure

Correct, that is only for internal use in the context of labeling

This works “when available” depending on device, country, software etc.

Its a 1 time fee

I may go with groundwire in your case

No, the module wasnt connected with the cables. I connected it for you, please try now

At the moment we wouldn’t have any info on the Video services

You’re very welcome and many do just that.

Standing by if you need anything at all

And Zoiper does seem to have a free version for desktop, that should work as well