Procedure on setting up an android app with flynumber account

I am new to flynumber and all sort of VOIP accounts.

My situation is:
My clients are in Singapore, but I am living in Australia. I would like to setup a Singapore local number (+65-xxxx-xxxx), but forward all incoming calls to my phone/PC in Australia. When the client dial my number, it will be like that the client is dialing a local number with local call charge. I will also need to call the clients from time to time, so I would like to keep the cost as low as I can.

I am using Samsung S4, appreciate anyone advising on the following:

  1. how to setup a flynumber account? When I try to sign up the flynumber account, it has option on GTALK, VOIP and xxxx, which one should I choose?
  2. which app should I use on the Android OS? Does it have app in Windows 7 as well? Because it’s calls from client, good voice quality is very important. I am using 4G/wifi for most of the time.

Thanks in advance.


Sign up here and we’ll help you along the way as far as setting up the SIP on your smartphone

You can always change this later but choose PBX as its the virtual phone system and has all the forwarding options anyway.

A free one is zoiper but we really like groundwire. Yes, its very reliable and we pride ourselves on impressing our customers with high quality SIP calls over 3G/4G networks

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions

Thank you for the reply.

Here’re a few more questions while setting up the account.

  1. I have setup a flynumber account, but not paid yet. Will I get a Singapore local number +65-xxxxxxxx after the payment?
  2. After the payment, should i follow the link below to setup the flynumber SIP account?
  3. I have downloaded and installed grundwire on my cellphone, once step 2 is completed, is there any guideline on how to setup flynumber account in grundwire?
  4. Most important of all is the rate. Once all above steps are completed, what’s the cost of receiving calls from Singapore on grundwire app on my cellphone? What’s the rate if I call Singapore local number via grundwire via flynumber SIP?

Many Thx

Yes you will, its a local Singapore number ( 65-3XXXX…)

Step 2 of that post will show you show to obtain SIP credentials, we can send them and there’s also a guide in the PBX once you’re in

This will be pretty simple, you just use the SIP credentials we provide and you wont have to enter them again ( User, Pass, Server)

Using this method to receive calls will have no per min rate. Its $5.95 a month for unlimited incoming calls ( no matter who calls it). If you call out with the app theres’ a low per min rate depending where you call, the rates are here

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions