Skype Setup - for the virtual__number


Im done with PBX panel setup, added the account virtual__number (2underscores) on Skype, how long will it take for you to approve my contact request on virtual__number account? once approved, can people call me already?



It should auto approve the request, I would try deleting the contact request and creating a new one

You should still be able to receive calls, adding the contact is not always required and it depends on each individual setup…

If you’re not tied to skype we like to suggest SIP forwarding as its much more reliable

If you’re stil having issues let us know please

I have the same problem here. It is crucial to me to be able to add the flynumber call to a Skype Conference call and I cannot do it. I think is because of this issue.

Please accept the Contact request from Skype user “chatakd.admin” (quote mark not included) Thank you!!!


Please try adding virtual_number and virtual__number to your Skype contacts

I would also restart Skype and make sure its not running anywhere else

Let me explain.
The number works perfectly. In my particular case it is crucial that the virtual__number call is able to be added to a Skype Group Call. For that to happen Skype requires that the users in the Group call are in the contact list.
Until the Skype user “virtual__Number” accepts my contact request (from 'chatakd.admin") I cannot add the call to a Group call
The following is the message I receive when trying to establish a Skype Group call
[9/21/2013 8:57:58 PM] *** Group call ***
[9/21/2013 8:57:58 PM] *** Chatakd Admin added virtual__number ***
[9/21/2013 8:58:04 PM] ***** virtual__number can’t be added until they accept your contact request. *****
Once “virtual__number” accepts the contact request from “chatakd.admin” everything will be resolved.
Thank you


As per our instructions in the blog post Skype voicemail and Skype forwarding must be off, our system has detected otherwise

Please make sure both are off, restart Skype and this should be OK

Hi I have registered for the fly number and successfully connected my number to the skype account in the PBX setup. However, when anyone dials my flynumber they hear a busy tone and are not able to connect.
The contact request in skype remains still pending. all the settings in Skype are set as per instructions. I am a first time user of the Virtual phone numbers and would appreciate if I am assisted as I want it to start working ASAP.

Thanks in advance.


Are you running Skype anywhere else?

Can you please PM your Skype username so we can investigate further

If you’re not tied to Skype I suggest using SIP as its much more reliable and still free ( you’ll also get caller-ID and other neat features)

I was using on my PC but have now stopped using it. Stopped using meaning always logged out. My skype username is talrejaameet. HOw to use SIP. I searched the instructions and try to download oniphone ut could not find any. Can you provide exact instruction for SIP.
Thanks in advance.

Hello! I have the same issue. I have recently subscribed to your service, and followed the instructions on how to set up Skype, but for some reason the virtual__number does not approve my contact request.
At this point, it is not important for the to use Skype specifically, I need a RELIABLE solution where I can get my incoming calls on my Windows PC for no additional costs, and make outgoing calls for the price you are posted on your price list, and use call recording and voice mail set up in PBX.

Please provide the necessary instructions how to set up FlyNumber in the way described above. Thank you.


I would highly suggest SIP as using the Skype infrastructure is much tougher to diagnose from our side

In your PBX panel, add a forwarding destination " New device" - it will give you new SIP info to enter into any SIP client

A full guide to the PBX can be found here

This would be using SIP, a full guide can be found here

You can use the PC SIP client Blink, its free - you can receive and make calls with it

It will ask for your sip uri, in the PBX thats the case sensitive “user@server” it gives you

Check out this post on the dial format to call out