Forward calls to Skype?

Like the title says, how do I answer with Skype

Please check out this recent blog post , its walks you through it

I’m having a really tough time with the quality of Skype calls. Strangely, if I call using my office’s VoIP phone from the Netherlands to the Canadian FlyNumber that forwards to Skype, it seems to work fine. However, when someone in Canada calls that number using a regular mobile phone, we can barely understand each other, while that person has no problem with other calls. The quality is better when I switch it to using the SIP solution you provide, but I’d like to use Skype.

Additionally, is it possible to somehow verify my number with Skype so that my outgoing Skype calls display the my FlyNumber as the caller ID? Skype sends text messages for verification, but I can’t figure out where or how to receive that message so that I can see the verification code and confirm the number.


If the call was clear for you when you tried with your office VOIP phone then there should not be an issue for Canadian callers. Perhaps have someone else try from Canada…Canada numbers are some of our most reliable , chances are high its a network or Skype issue

We are constantly working on improving quality with Skype but always suggest users apply SIP as its just easier to diagnose and much more feature rich

At the moment we dont forward SMS so this wont be possible