Requirements to have a virutal number being forwarded to an online Android/iOS app


I’m looking for a virtual phone number service that allows forwarding local incoming calls to a voip/sip app on my phone.
So far I understood that Flynumber recommends ‘Groundwire’ ( )

How will this work ?
If I subscribe for a Flynumber telephone number, then I have to setup Groundwire to login into my Flynumber account ?
Or is an additional 3rth party service between Flynumber and Groundwire needed?

  • is forwarding to Skype also possible ? Or is that service deprecated due to unstable?


edit: fixed typo in subject + added question regarding Skype

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Hi Sacha

Yes we really like this app

It’s no longer supported unfortunately

No, we provide the SIP credentials and you’ll just enter them into the app.

The app will give you an option to enter SIP credentials manually. It might be labeled manual config, 3rd party, custom, or maybe generic SIP.

If you run into anything please let us know


Am trying to signup.
I select ‘VoIP’ to be able to select SIP, though I need to fillin a ‘host’ and ‘details’ before I can continue.
Goal is to use ‘Groundwire’.
What should I fillin ?

You can change this setting anytime, please choose PBX ( last option)

It has all the other forwardings as well

Thanks and here if you need anything

OK, signed up.

What’s the next step to retrieve the SIP credentials?
This can be done from the PBXww panel?