How TO Setup With Sip2Sip


i’m using sip2sip. what do i put in the Enterhost and enter details boxes??



You can choose ITSP instead of VOIP, choose sip2sip and enter the sip2sip username in “details”

You can also choose the phone.system ( PBX ) which has all the forwarding options and still free forwarding



Do I need an actual phone number to use a virtual phone number to call ptsn cell phones?? I tried setting this up as my main phone line using blink. Is this this service just for forwarding calls like a big business. Or can it replace i regular carrier?


You can use a SIP app on any smartphone or a PC/MAC to call out with the flynumber if you need so


Could u recommend me one that is easy to setup?


Sure thing, PM your username and we will set you up from here