How TO Setup With Sip2Sip

i’m using sip2sip. what do i put in the Enterhost and enter details boxes??


You can choose ITSP instead of VOIP, choose sip2sip and enter the sip2sip username in “details”

You can also choose the phone.system ( PBX ) which has all the forwarding options and still free forwarding


Do I need an actual phone number to use a virtual phone number to call ptsn cell phones?? I tried setting this up as my main phone line using blink. Is this this service just for forwarding calls like a big business. Or can it replace i regular carrier?

You can use a SIP app on any smartphone or a PC/MAC to call out with the flynumber if you need so

Could u recommend me one that is easy to setup?

Sure thing, PM your username and we will set you up from here

Just in case anyone comes across this topic, here is a walk-through on getting your FlyNumber working with sip2sip