SIP Transport Support

Hello, I’m using Bria for iPhone as per an article suggested on your website. It all works fine except for battery life which is greatly diminished. I’ve been reading and it seems to come down to having to run the app in background. Their manual says that you must run the app in background if you want to receive calls using the UDP SIP transport, but you can receive calls without running in background if you are using TCP or TLS.

I tried to switch the account to TCP and TLS transport and started receiving a 503 from your servers. Do you support TCP or TLS as transports? If so do I have to do something specific to make it work?

If you are not supporting it, I’d like to suggest it as a future feature, I’d be willing to pay an extra in order to get TLS so my calls don’t go over the internet in the clear.



At the moment we transport UDP, adding additional transports is defineltey something we’d like to do.

We’ve heard a couple users getting TCP working with PBXes

In a more recent post we list the Acrobits app as one of our favorites. If you have an iPhone it works really well, Im sure on the Android too…

You can completely turn off the app and it will still push phone calls through.