SIP ATA + PBX panel + Voipbuster

How do I setup the PBX panel ?

I have a SIP ATA device with 4 analog lines : grandstream HT704
I’m using VOIPbuster for all outgoing calls
I would like to call between analog lines. For instance, call between line 4 and 1.
I have a flynumber, any calls from this number should be forwarded to each of the 4 analog lines.

Sure thing

You can forward the flynumber to the PBX first

My account > My FlyNumbers

Then go to configure pbx at My account > PBX Panel

You will need to connect a phone number module and a person module

In the Person module you just add the forwarding, in this case voipbuster- enter the SIP uri you have the ATA device using

Let us know if you run into any issues

I managed to connect the ATA device to VOIPBUSTER, the phone number forward to a person module worked too. But how do the internal numbers work ?

I noticed in the person module, i can add devices too. This can then be linked to internal numbers. But I can’t seem to connect them all together. What do I do with the generated userid and password ? Should i use these and enter them in the SATA. One for each port ?


The internal numbers are if you want to create a “New Device” ( which gives you SIP info to make and receive calls with us) and have them assigned an extension so internally you can dial each other using just the internal number

If you create a new device in the person module you will get the SIP info, you would be using us for inbound and outbound calls this way

More info on the PBX / Virtual Phone System here

Let us know if you need further assistance