Setting up forwarding to VOIP Buster

We just got our new number, to be forwarded to VOIP Buster, but don’t know how to set that up. What are the details that we have to enter in the “details” box? Using VOIP Buster we can call out but when dialing the number from any phone we get" the number you dialled has not been assigned".


In “details” you would use the username you have with them

Keep in mind they limit their smartphone apps, use a 3rd party SIP app or PC program

If you need more help with this please let us know

I did enter my user name and still can call out but cannot receive calls. I also cannot register the number.
Why would I need another SIP client and if so which one would you recommend?


Sounds like its coming from the app, we see the errors on the flynumber call history

My account > call history

Try “zoiper” and use their SIP info there or and SIP client

I contacted VOIPBuster. They said that the DID should be forwarded to where xxxx is our account name.
Where do I enter these settings in what selection, VOIP or ITSP? In either choice what do I enter in what box, i.e. details?


We checked your account and you have it set correctly.

Are you using the smartphone app?

This is a known error with them and other providers under the same umbrella company.

Can you enter their SIP info into an app like zoiper and try again.

Thanks, but if that’s a known error with them, then why don’t you guys communicate that to them and us, the customer? You have listed Voipbuster in your Top-15 providers.
If I go to Zoiper then do I completely bypass Voipbuster? If so, hwo do I pay for the calls?


Its a known error only with them, we send the calls to their SIP URI without issues. They have issues receiving calls with their smartphone apps, not just from flynumber but any other number ( DID ) provider.

You would just be entering your voipbuster SIP credentials in the zoiper app, you would still be paying voipbuster to call out

If you need anything at all please let us know

Zoiper works flawless! Also managed to get my caller ID registered. Thanks for all the help. If you only could make it work as a default phone app on the smartphone, so that it will talk to my car’s Bluetooth, then this app would be immortal!

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Very glad to hear and thanks for the feedback

It should work fine there as well, take the SIP info( the same ones you entered in Zoiper) and enter it there. Make sure its unregistered on zoiper before trying

If you run into anything at all just let us know