Residential phone system

I am trying to set up a home phone with sip, I already have the equipment, what else do I need. Can I simply sign up for a local phone number?

Yes that’s correct, choose PBX/ ( last option) and we can help provide SIP credentials from here as well

How do I get the phone number that it is asking for when trying to register?

Its just asking for you current number , mobile or landline. Im assuming youre referring to the info when you enter your account info ( name, address ,number …

When do I get a phone number?

Please PM username if you still have not received number

Cisco tells me that I need more than just a number, that I have to obtain a username, a password and proxy. My internet provider does not issue or support any of these.

Is these a contact number that I can call and talk to a live person?


We can help you setup the SIP from here, please send us your username or email on file. The email used for the discuss forum is not the same as on account