A couple of questions


I have been reading up on your service and I’m not quite sure that it will do what I am wanting.

I am starting a business and want to have an incoming number that is local to the area I now live. I moved from California to New Hampshire and want to have a 603 area code number so that my target customers will feel comfortable with my number.

I use an iPhone as my only phone and I was thinking of just getting a Google Voice account, but they don’t have New Hampshire (603) numbers available.

Can your product work for my needs either by forwarding to my existing cell phone or by using another app to receive the incoming call?

I am looking for the cheapest way to accomplish this as I am just starting the business and will in no way be guaranteed success.

Thank you for any information!

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Glad to hear you’re considering us and more than welcome to answer any questions you may have

Sure and we can help

Yes , with SIP , this is using VOIP which is the best and most cost effective way

$2.95 a month is all you’ll pay, you’ll receive all the calls on your iPhone using a SIP app. You can have the app completely closed and you’ll still receive all the calls- pushed through ( big battery saver )

Let us know once you sign up and we can set this all up from here to make things easier

So i’m still just a little confused… I was going through the signup and when I select VoiP it asks me for Host and details. Do I need to subscribe to a VoiP service as well as subscribe to your service? Thank you for taking the time to help me

You can choose the last option, PBX / Phone.system as this has all the forwarding options ( you can always change this from your account as well )