Some Questions About The Service

I was trying to call but no matter when I called it always said that it was unavailable so I decided to post here. For future reference when is your phone support available, I couldn’t seem to find any hours of operation on the website? Otherwise I had a few questions, first of all is it possible to connect your service to our IP phones and ATA adapters without needing to send it to our VOIP provider? Also is there any charge for incoming calls to a Russia number purchased from your service? Lastly what kind of documentation would I need to sign up for a Moscow 499 number, it said on the page that special registration was needed and that a personal ID was required? Do I have to be a citizen or resident of Russia to get the number? Thanks in Advanced and hopefully I’ll be signing up for the service as soon as I get my questions answered.

Hi there

Yes absolutely, we can supply SIP credentials for your device, check out step 2 in this post

As long you answer with SIP or VOIP than there are no extra charges for incoming calls. If you forward the FlyNumber to a regular phone number or making outgoing calls with SIP there is a low per min rate

Any valid worldwide Government issued Photo Identification would work OK. Just make sure to have your full address in the My account > My details page ( You’re be asked for this info during sign-up if you haven’t registered already)

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions or concerns
[Russian Federation]