Restoring a DID number

I had a DID number - 61XXXXXX , which unfortunately got cancelled post 3 months. Is there a way I can restore this number ? Since lot of my contacts have this number it is critical that i be able to restore it .

Thanks for your help

We do give our clients the option to restore the number after its been terminated due to non-payment or if auto-renew was disabled.

Make sure you have funds in prepaid balance ( Click summary tab) , go to My account > My FlyNumbers , click details and then “Restore”

You’ll usually have a 2 week window to restore the number, keep in mind when you restore the number you end up paying for the lost time. If its been longer than 2 weeks we can still check if we have the number in our pool but its not guaranteed we can get it back

Regardless, we see your AU number was restored and everything on your account looks OK

Let us know if you need anything