Receiving SMS instruction?

Can someone please help me with instructions of how to succesfully receive SMS messages?
I have forwarded my flynumber to my account at CallCentric.
I use both Zoiper premium as well as Acrobits and both are set up with my callcentric account.
When calling my Flynumber it works perfectly but when someone is trying to send an SMS I never get it.
I enabled SMS with callcentric and confirmed it’s working.
I also chose the option of “forwrard SMS to email” but no email is received when I had people trying to send me messages.
Please let me know how to make receiveing SMS doable.
Thank you all!

Hi @tabib770

Have you checked your spam/junk folder?

Our logs show a recent SMS was received, the SMS came from a number ending in 0981​

Please try this one more time and let us know the results

Thank you very much!
I just tried again and it worked. Apperantly it was easier for the system to forward the SMS to a Gmail account than to another domain.

As for my first question - incoming SMS messages will not be forwarded to callcentric or other softfone apps?
Thanks again for your help.

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You’re very welcome, we’ve seen issues with hotmail accounts however you should still be able to whitelist

Correct, at the moment they’re only sent to an email - hopefully we can expand on this in the future

Thanks and here if you need anything at all