Tutorial to connect my new number to CallCentric?


I’m not sure to know how to set up my number. I’m calling the number and it says “unavailable”. I downloaded CallCentric on my phone and created an account there. I’ve put my Callcentric # in Enter Details field(in flynumber dashboard) but it’s still not working. How can I connect the phone number to CallCentric? Is there a step-by-step tutorial?

Thanks so much

Hi There,

We see you have it set to forward to your callcentric correctly.

Your call history shows errors though, perhaps its the app you’re using on their side, can you try to reset?

I just removed the app and reinstalled again from PlayStore. It still says the number is not available. Is there anything I’m supposed to do from CallCentric’s Dashboard?

We see call rejected from your side ( according to call history )

What are you using to answer the call? If its their SIP maybe you have it setup wrong on your SIP client

Let us know and we can help with our SIP as well

I have CallCentric downloaded on my cellphone, so I’m supposed to answer the call with my cellphone right?
I know nothing about SIP. Is there any steps I’m supposed to do?

Is there a log from the app you can post?

I’m not sure what you mean. But obviously CallCentric does not seem connected to the phone number you provided me.


We are sending the calls to the callcentric account you entered. Perhaps if you check the settings of the app there is a log of whats going on so we can help diagnose

In the meantime we sent you up with our SIP and sent you instructions via the ticking system

I was able to make this work using Zoiper and being in Canada. However I need to make this work for someone who lives in the Philippines(same Canadian number and same info) and she’s getting an error.
Is there anything else to do for the Philippines?

It seems to work now. Thank you so much

Glad to hear and thanks for the feedback

You’re very welcome and here if you need anything