Port MagicJack number?

Have a Canadian MagicJack number and am switching to Skype, but Skype does not offer Canadian virtual numbers. Can I port my MagicJack number to you, then forward it to my Skype account? And will all the time with calls being forwarded mean there are big time delays in call forwarding to my number?

Yes you can, just PM or email us the full phone number to confirm please

Keep in mind there is a 1 time $30 port in fee …

Yes you can , albeit its not the best way to send calls, if you’re not tied to Skype we suggest using SIP to forward the calls

Okay…two questions. How do you verify my MagicJack number if I port it over to you? I can’t receive SMS in order to verify I own the number with MagicJack…

Think I’ll START with forwarding to Skype as I don’t have to pay anyone new for outgoing calls, though it means I can’t have my FlyNumber virtual number show on call display. If I decide down the road that I want to go with SIP, can I change it over and is there a charge for that?

Its an internal check with our local carriers and/or infrastructure, it would have little or nothing to do with MagicJack

Thats fine, and you can always change to SIP- its free and the changes are instant

Okay. Good to know I can port my MagicJack number to you. Would the interface to my Skype account from your firm just forward the number to my account with Skype so my family can dial a local number and I can receive their calls wherever I am, or would the number actually work as a “Skype Number” so I can show it on my caller ID for outgoing calls? Without SMS ability, I will be unable to verify it is my number if it doesn’t register with Skype as a "Skype Number and that would mean it can’t show in my call ID for outgoing calls…


You can receive the calls on your Skype app but you wont see the caller-id and can’t make outgoing calls with your FlyNumber as the caller ID either unfortunately ( we don’t support SMS forwarding )

If you’re not tied to Skype we would suggest SIP, its free to receive calls and pay a low per min rate for outgoing calls ( you can show your FlyNumber as the caller-ID)

Here is a full guide to our PBX as it offers many features you may find valuable