Porting a canadian number for forwarding

Hi, I am about to have fibre installed, allowing 150/150 speeds. I have a magicjack number in the same area code (604) but wish to retain my current number. I am thinking this means I can drop my landline and have it forwarded to the magicjack number , and save myself a bundle. My number can be ported. What would this cost per month? I figure the magicjack will have great quality over fibre.


You’re better off porting the Canada number to us and paying $2.95 a month to receive unlimited calls on a SIP device or VOIP phone.

If you dont have one ( they’re found everywhere and inexpensive) you can also use a SIP app on a smartphone or computer

The issue with them is that they’re not exactly an “open” VOIP type of company. The only way anyone can send calls there is to send the calls to your USA/Canada magicjack number, which is an additional .01 per min on top of the 2.95 a month mentioned above

Let us know and we can help you set this up

Ok that sounds interesting. I presume i can buy an sip device that will allow me to connect my analogue phone network into it (answering machine, cordless etc). I do use a magicjack right now as a second liennend a toll free number to from vancouver the area where i live which is outside the free calling area. I simply have it forwarded. Outgoing quality is not great as i only have 15 meg speed right now until the fibre is installed. Not quite sure how the number finds the SIP device, especially if my ip refreshes & renews, but I am guessing it does.

Yes you can, it would be called an ATA device , its a simple device that connects to your analog phone and accepts SIP credentials

You’ll have the ability to call out with your FlyNumber ( the ported in number) , 15MB is more than enough for high quality outgoing calls. To call Canada it would be a penny a minute with us

The number would be attached to the SIP credentials you enter into the ATA adapter

Thanks and here if you have any other questions