PBX panel is still on FLASH. Where is HTML5 version?

Hey customer service,
The PBX panel still runs on Flash. There is no browser that supports Flash since Dec 2020.
I posted the support ticket 2 days ago and yet no one responded. Would you guys finally solve the issue?
I need access to PBX very badly.


Taken care of and your account has access. Please let us know if you run into anything

I face the same problem. how can I get access to HTML?

Hi @StefanH

We tried looking for your account using your forum email however we didn’t find it

Please email/open a ticket requesting the new system and we will add you ASAP

HI, I have the same problem, pbx-panel doesn’t works anymore, because there is no flash support on the browser.

Hi @stek

Its been enabled on both your numbers

I also need HTML5 support enabled please. Can’t use the PBX panel, no flash support.

Thank you.

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Hi @tylerprivel

We set you up with the new phone system

Keep in mind your Luxembourg virtual number is not active yet, we should have it live any minute now

You can still configure the new phone system in the meantime

Thanks and will update your account accordingly

Hi, I also can’t access the phone system with HTML5. Could you set me up too?

Thank you.


Yes we see your account, we see you’re trying to port a number in - we’ll need the most recent invoice for the number

Once there is an active number on the account we can enable the phone system

Your ticket was updated as well