Call are not forwarded


Calls are not forwarded to the Argentinian number.
The set up is simple.
I put the Acrobits second just to check the forwarding to the regular number.
It is also not forwarded to the SIP.
There are funds in my account.
Please check as I use this extensively.


Sorry to hear about your troubles , we checked our systems here and everything checks out OK

The call history on your account is showing all the calls coming in but there is an issue with forwarding. The forwarding to a phone number seems to work but either the call is being rejected or there is a network carrier issue with the phone.

We also tried forwarding your FlyNumber to a regular phone number of ours and it worked fine

I see the calls are also set to go to the Acrobits SIP client but its not registered, please try to recreate the SIp info and enter into the SIp app, I would also try to ping the SIP server to make sure your IP wasnt banned for too many failed attempts - if so please send a ticket or PM your IP address