No audio when forwarded to a mobile number

I do not see a forum for Mobile or Landline, so I need to post here for now.

I have call forwarding enabled to call my mobile number.
My phone rings, I answer, but NO audio at all.

I have spent .12 or .15 cents in trying to make test calls to troubleshoot this.
I would like to have a credit for these calls, so that I am not spending 3 cents a minute to troubleshot why this is not working. So, issue number 1) why no audio on a simple forward to mobile number (tried 2 phones on 2 different providers) and 2) who will issue credit for the number of failed calls due to no audio heard?

Thank you.

Sorry about this, we see you’re successfully forwarding to a VOIP solution at the moment

When you were forwarding to a mobile did you use the PBX or directly from the My account > My flynumber page?

I would suggest using the PBX as its newer technology and the same price

You can PM me the phone number to forward to and I can set this up in PBX

I set this up for you, you can open PBX to see at my account > pbx panel

Please retest and let us know if you run into any issues

We have added credit to your account for this, sorry for the hassle

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