Multiple devices ring at same time or sequential

Hello, I’m a very happy Flynumber user for years.
Everything is working great.
In a few weeks, I will go on vacation to the USA for 5 weeks.
I take my VoIP box and Dect phone with me.
Now I’m looking for a way to have my Dect phone ring and when not answered switch to my mobile phone. ( US number ) or have them both ring at the same time.
I cannot figure out how to establish this in the PBX.
Can some tell me if this is possible and how it’s done

Many thanks in advance

Hi @ikorpershoek

Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate your business here

Sure thing we can help, in the PBX/ Phone system, click the + in the person module and you can add phone number forwarding

You will see there are colored bubbles can contract/squeeze for each forwarding, here you can adjust the ring time and who rings first/same time etc

Full guide here as well if you need

Thanks and here if you need anything at all

thanks for the info.
I found it in the manual

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OK thanks @ikorpershoek