Two numbers diverting to one phone - identify which incoming number was dialled


as per the title, I have two numbers (two different entities) that are diverting to a single mobile phone, but i want to know which of the two numbers is incoming so i can answer the phone accordingly. Is this possible? LIke a Called ID rather than a Caller ID?

HI there @The_GrizlyOne

At the moment this is possible when forwarding your FlyNumbers to VoIP (while using our phone system).

If the mobile phone you’re diverting to is an Android or iOS device we can help you setup VoIP on there pretty easily.

More about this very topic in this blog post.

Yeah, I’m familiar with VOIP and I use it (thru another provider) for another couple of companies of my own, but I didn’t really want to spend another $180 a year for the very very low call traffic these numbers have (on, MAYBE 2 calls a month) for a customer of mine.

thanks anyway.

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I see and understood, we could offer you the phone system for 9.95 a month in the event you register for a year if that makes a difference.

Thanks again and if you need anything at all please let us know.