How to see incoming call is from flynumber?

When an incoming call is forwarded from my flynumber to my mobile phone, I see the caller’s phone number on my caller ID. I would like instead to know that the call is coming from flynumber instead of the initial caller.

Also, there used to be a way that when answering the call from my mobile I could have a prompt saying “press 1 to accept the call” before connecting. Is this possible on the new phone system?


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We appreciate the post @BeyondTheaters

At the moment this is only possible when answering with VoIP. For example you can set this to display the caller ID and custom text before or after the number. You’d use the “CLI rules” found either under the “Phone Number” module or “Ring Group” modules.

Unfortunately not available but this is being requested (by you and others) - we’ll be pushing the dev team to add this and hopefully good news soon.

A very crude workaround if the forwarding number is a smartphone may be to add a “notification” module between the “Phone Number” and “Ring Group” module. This way you’ll see an email notification on your phone pretty much at the same time the phone call comes in. And maybe use Zaiper automation to organize and delete those emails.

Thanks again and let us know if you have any other questions.