Creating local number Europe-USA


I have a question. I live in Poland,Europe and would like to receive calls from someone who lives in Arizona,US. If I create a local number, is it possible that it will be redirected to my cell phone? Does it really cost 2,95$ without any hidden fees? And can I actually create an account without any problems, like showing any kind of documents which would show that I’m not the USA citizen? Does the person who calls me sees that I use that phone forwarding or is it completely unnoticeable in any way?

Thank you for your help.

This is almost exactly what I do, except I’m in Portugal instead of Poland (I actually forward my google voice number to my flynumber which then forwards to my Portuguese cell phone).

You can buy a US flynumber (2.95/month) and set it up to forward to your Polish number.
The incoming number you’ll see will be the original US caller’s number.

I did not have to show any documents to create an account.

The person calling calls your US fly number and does not know where you physically are, any more than I’d know that someone with a NY cell phone number happened to be on vacation in Arizona.

Be sure to check differences in rates b/t forwarding to a Polish cell vs a Polish land line.


Keep in mind for it to stay $2.95 and unlimited incoming minutes you will want to answer using a SIP app, there are plenty great options if you’re using an iPhone or Android smartphone

@jk123 is right and for a USA number there is no paperwork involved

@jk123 He’ s right on this one as well.

You can also adjust settings in the PBX /Phone Systems to upload the ring tone sound local to your number.