How to use Pbxww panel

I’m trying to temporarily direct calls from my wellington new zealand number to my australia mobile. I created a new person in pbxww but it won’t let me drag the cables to the new ahst mobile person. Help!

Sorry to hear and can you post s screenshot?

What error is it giving you?

If we can try a different browser that would be great

I’ve been using my flynumber for incoming calls for a while & it works well. I want to use it to make calls to (the costs is good value). I’ve downlaoded Acrobits softphone onto my android phone and copied the data from my pbxww object but I can’t seem to make calls - the number goes in and it seems to try to connect but then afer a few seconds just disconnects. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @andrewjack61

We checked your account and in the person module with the SIP info outbound is disabled

Please enable outbound and choose one of your numbers to be displayed as the outbound CLI

Thanks and here if you need anything