Signup: Easy Setup Provider VoipWise, What Are the Details?

I’m trying to purchase a Canadian number. I selected Easy Setup Providers, VoipWise.

You ask me to enter details. What are they? What am I supposed to put there?

Then, I’ve downloaded a sipsofphone which I assume I set up with VoipWise. Is that correct? I want to make incoiming and outgoing calls.


Hi there,

If you’re looking to receive calls without our phone system, so you just pay the monthly for the number , you may want to look into this post.

Enter your username with voipwise and we can help you setup from here.

This post goes into receiving calls with an app

I want to make outgoing calls too.

In that case you may want to consider our phone system, this way it handles incoming and outgoing. (among many other features, voicemail, call recording , menu etc)

No, I don’t want to pay the extra money.

I just saw that I now have my voip number. How do I set it up with VoipWise. I’ve already downloaded a sipsoftphone.


No worries and we’re sending the calls to your voipwise account based on your current settings. The mobile app that comes with this company has known issues, you should be able to get SIP info from them and enter into a 3rd party app, a free app like Zoiper.

You can also also them to set your outgoing caller ID as the FlyNumber, contact them directly would be my suggestion here.

Also check your FlyNumber call history for responses My account > call history.