Setup Help for VOIP

I’m trying to set up forwarding to my VOIP provider but don’t know what I need to put in for “Host” and “Details”. Is there a setup guide somewhere?


This should be your SIP uri, so if your SIP uri is you would enter as your “host” and domaotec as “details”

Here is a Sample Asterisk and our IP addresses in case you need it

Thanks for the quick response, although after some additional checking it looks like I can’t get a number in Germany if I have no permanent address there? I will be traveling to Germany a few times a year for the next several years and it would have been nice to have a local number there that could be forwarded to my number in the USA.

Sure thing

Unfortunately this is a local carrier requirement and really out of our hands. Perhaps you can get your company in Germany to register the number. We’d need the company certificate and a bill/statement in the German city you want a number. The bill/statement/invoice should be 6 months or newer and match the name on the company certificate.