How to register number fowarding to another number?

Before time, I had one a number (UK) and one a number (MY).

For example, when someone call me to phone (MY), it’s auto fowarding to phone (UK) which place I live.

I had tried on PBX but it’s unsuccess

How to setup?


You can set all forwarding from the My account > My flynumbers page

We see you only have a USA number on your account ( and its forwarding to a sip2sip account)

Yes, I have setup new forwarding but it’s only success when I using Blink call number MY.

For instance, I live at malayisa, have exiting number (MY) and new (US). Then I wanna setup it following steps
When someone call to my phone (MY), it will auto forwading to new number (US). This number (US) can use received in Blink.
How to setup it.

In that case you would contact your operator with the MY number and have them forward the calls to the USA FlyNumber

[United Kingdom]