Do I have to use your PBX or can I use mine?


I am looking at your services and only need some DIDs. I have my own asterisk server and would simply like to connect to your servers as a trunk. After reading some topics, I am getting the feeling that isn’t possible rather I can only interact with a DID via an end user SIP device. Is that true? Please clarify


Using our SIP addresses / PBX system is definitely optional

You can certainly connect our DID’s to your Asterisk directly without any issues

Here is a sample Asterisk config and our IP addresses to help configure your Asterisk box

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions or concerns

I also have my own PBX (FreePBX hosted on my site). In My Number I chose to forward to an extension in my PBX. It worked. Now, I have this doubt: what is the difference in choosing the method I used and the one you proposed here? If I configure my FreePBX with the info you provided here will I gain any advantage in terms of speed or quality?


If it works now for you it should be fine but the calls can come from different IP’s so you should add our IP addresses to your trunk(s)

Let us know if you have any issues