Caller ID, is it available for incoming calls?

We have some flynumbers already and wanted to know if we can received the caller id of any incoming calls. numbers are uk based and so are we.

looking forward to your reply

Hi Shaun

Yes you can , we always pass along the caller id info ( when available) but there are many variables

Your device and forwarding method determines if you can see the caller-id- when forwarding to PSTN or a regular phone number you will see the caller ID, the same goes for Asterisk or SIP forwarding

You will not see the caller ID if you use Skype or Gtalk forwarding

Excellent thanks.

We’re planning to use Asterisk to answer a flynumber and simply collect callerIDs and play a short message to the caller; basically like a remote timelogging application.

We’ve AsteriskNow on a VM to determine correct setup then will push this out to a dedicated VPS. No idea how to set up Asterisk though but if the analogy with Apache is correct it shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you have any howtos like the above please do let me know - anything to cut down research time is always a great thing, and punting this out by Monday I’d have a very happy wife indeed :smile:

Thanks for the quick response.


We should be able to do this without any issues…

Forwarding your FlyNumber to Asterisk is fairly simple

You just forward the Flynumber to “VOIP” and in “Host” enter your sip uri or the IP of the Asterisk box

Here are our IP’s as you’ll need to add them to your system

This sample conf should also help speed things up

Checking call history is always a great way to diagnose issues immediately