Calls are not forwarded to Chilean cell number


I am now in Chile, Have a local cell number 62247081 purchased in Santiago Entel Company.
My DID number is 97237621574 (it is in Israel)
My configuration is simply forward the call to the local number
The way I write the Chile number is 56-9-622-47-081
The calls are not forwarded to my Chilean cell number.
Can you please advise.



For the lat two week while in Argentina with a cell number the forwarding worked well

You’re forwarding your Israeli number to a regular phone number, this requires funds in your account

You seem to have ran out of funds- please add funds and the forwarding will work right away. You can also set your account to forward to SIP/ VOIP and that will work as forwarding to VOIP has no per min rate

Let us know if you need anything else

P.S. A great way to diagnose issues is to check your call history, it shows the errors and various responses