What is the incoming SIP URI for a FlyNumber?

I must be being dense, but I can’t find how to do incoming SIP calls doc’ed anywhere… I assume it must be possible as the pinned “Dial format for outgoing calls using SIP or VOIP Phone” states “[…] providing our own SIP credentials for incoming [calls] […]”.

I’m looking for something in this format:
sip:x@y:port (x=Username, y=host|domain|IP)

Use case: I want to “dial in” via SIP from my voip.ms (another VoIP provider) account to Truphone via my FlyNumber - as far as I can tell Truphone doesn’t let people do this directly. Reason I want to use a SIP URI instead of the phone number associated with my FlyNumber account is that it is cheaper on the voip.ms side (and I assume would be cheaper for you guys as well), and also there is a feature of voip.ms that works with non-voip.ms SIP URIs but not with non-voip.ms phone numbers.

BTW I know this would probably be easier if I just did it all via FlyNumber’s PBX thing, but I already have a lot of money deposited in my voip.ms account :-/

You can use voip.ms without issues, in PBX enter your sip uri with them ( custom voip) or forward directly from

My account > my flynumbers

Step 2 in this post will walk you through obtaining SIP credentials from FlyNumber