Configure CSIPsimple with your FlyNumber SIP account

Here are step by step instructions on how to configure your FlyNumber SIP credentials with the Android CSipSimple App

  1. Open your CSIPsimple app

  2. Press “Add account”, (NOTE: Delete all inactive or failed attempts to register SIP accounts related to our phone system before creating a new account)

  3. Choose “Expert”

  4. Enter the following:

[Account name]: - any account name you like
[Account ID]: - format must be written in brackets <sipUsername@SIPdomain>
[Registration URI]: - format is has to be written exactly as sip:YourSIPDomain:5060
[Realm]: YourDomain
[Username]: SIPUsername
[Data (password)]: SIPpassword
[Transport]: UDP
[Register timeout (sec)]: 600
[Proxy URI]: sip:YourDomain:5060
[STUN for SIP]: Disabled
[STUN for Media]: Disabled

If the app doesn’t allow you to save the settings you may have entered a field incorrectly

This has seen been replaced by our new PBX system