Voicemail after Voice Menu if caller doesn't provide extension


I’m trying to set up the following in PBXww:

[old image of the PBX no longer available]

I’m having 2 issues…first, the main voice menu just keeps repeating if the caller doesn’t provide an extension number. In case the caller doesn’t know an extension number or just want to leave a message to the company, I would like to have the main voice menu go to a secondary voice menu that will eventually go to a generic voice mail. AND, I would like to do the same if they enter an incorrect extension.

Second, if an extension is not picked up I’m not receiving the voice messages left by the caller to the email that I set up on the voice mail. Don’t know why.

I would really appreciate the help on this as soon as possible.


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Hi Carlos

We love the setup on the white board and the call flow.

We just tested the number and it does as expected so not sure if you figured this one out ( its a config option within the voice menu) since posting.

You will want to record a longer greeting than 1 second on the the voicemail, also when testing please make sure its at least a couple seconds long and there is sound. Check your spam or junk folder and try a @gmail address if you have one to test it out

Its not required but try pressing # after leaving a test voicemail and let us know if this persists

Thanks for your response. Yes, I was able to figure it out after playing with the config a little bit, I was going to update you guys. I’ll be setting up a longer greeting as well shortly, those 1 second ones were just to test it worked.

Now we are getting the Voice messages to a generic email for generic messages, and individually to each one of our personal email addresses for personal messages (to our extensions). :smiley:

I’ll let you guys know if I run into any difficulties.


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Sounds good Carlos and thanks for the feedback

We appreciate your business and let us know if you need anything