Make the phone ring several times before connecting to VMbox

How can you make the system let the caller hear a ring tone before connecting to a voicemail box? Allow the caller to hear at least 3 rings.

Yes , at the very least you can upload a ringing sound byte and upload in the "playback " module


Could you post the correct PBXww diagram that makes the phone ring several times before going to the voice mail? I tried to set up my account, but when I am called my pbx does not ring…

And I do not get the messages by email… I do not know what is wrong…

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You could use the “playback” module in between these 2 modules …

In the playback module, you can upload audio, you can upload a ringtone.

I would check the spam/junk mail folder. Also trying pressing # after leaving a test voicemail ( although that’s not required )

Make sure the voicemail greeting is not blank audio as well

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