Setup extension without voice menu?

Hey Guys,

first of all, I think your service is great. I just found it today and I feel that it will be very helpful for me in the future.
Anyway what I would like to setup in the PBX are extensions to my virtual phone number, so I have a number like
+42xxxxxxxx and if the caller adds e.g. “10” at the end, it should be directed somewhere else than if he calls +42xxxxxxxx15 or just +42xxxxxxxx without an extension.

I cannot find this option in the PBX, I just see a possibility to add a voice menu but this is not what I want to have.
Probably the solution is obvious but I did not find it.

Thanks for help in advance.

=) Glad to hear


This really depends on the caller (person calling the local FlyNumber, if they are capable of “delay” call with the extension.

For this “pause” sign/patter is used.

For example dialing +42xxxxxxxx(pause)10.

How to insert pause may vary, it depends on originators device/operator.

Usually there are “p” “comma” or asterisk “*” keys used on the dial-pad, by holding down
these keys for several seconds.

More information on this here

Please let us know if you have any other questions