Unanswered calls question

Hi, I have a question, about calls we dont answer (not working times)
client hear a calling sound, and call last for 10-20 seconds

are we paying for these calls?

Hi @dimafishmanmail

If the call reaches a regular phone number you have set, it will charge the per min rate. It rounds up, so if its a 30-second call, it charges is as 1 min. Keep in mind, even if it hits the voicemail ( on that regular phone number ) , it still counts as a connection.

If the call goes to a menu or internal flynumber voicemail before reaching a regular phone number, there is no charge. Which seems to be the case with some of the calls you posted…

We see you don’t have a “time” module setup in the PBX ( phone system) During non-working hours you can have the flynumber calls go to a menu, voicemail or a SIP phone and there would be no per min rate charged at all.

Thanks and standing by if you have any more questions or concerns

so, if I see 0 on the right column, there is no charge?

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Yes, that’s correct.

Standing by if you need anything else