UK-TH / TH-UK Basic info

i am living in Thailand but i will need a UK landline which will receive many incoming calls (from the UK), that will need to be forwarded here in Thailand, i will also need to make some calls the other way round.
Currently i am using a thai VOIP number which look exactly as a normal landline number.
Will i have to pay anything else apart from your 2.95$ monthly fee???
Can i choose a british number that look similar to the one already used by a client i will work for ?

Hi there,

Yes we can do that for you

If you make outgoing calls there is a [low per min rate][1]

Right now the system assigns the number automatically but we can have an engineer go through the database for some more memorable options, if you choose one of those numbers there is a one time $39 fee

Thanks and let us know if you need any other questions

many thanks for your quick reply, so, just to confirm, that’s mean that all call forwarded from the UK to Thailand will be free of charge, but in case i need to call back it will be charged, right? Or are the calls received to the UK VOIP number and then forwarded to Thailand seen as outgoing calls too?
And what that other classic feature of a PBX, where you transfer an incoming call to a different extension into your office, would that be free or charged??? (Incoming calls from the UK, answered in Thailand, but redirected to a different extension still into the UK), thanks and sorry for the many questions, but before to buy something i need to be sure of what i am actually buying, hope you understand, cheers.

No, you would pay a per min rate since you’ re forwarding to a phone number. If you answer with SIP or a smartphone app it would be free( and you’d only pay the per min rate to make outgoing calls )

You need to use SIP to transfer calls, this is included in the monthly price of the number and no extra cost.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns

The telephone i am using, it’s just a standard telephone connected to a SIP analog telephone adapter (brand: PLANET model: VIP-157), a Telecom engineer had to come to configure it, but he would not gave me the code to access the configuration panel because of “security reasons”, so my guess is that this must be a SIP even if the telephone i am using it’s just a standard one.
This will make the forwarded calls free, right? Or i will need to a phone appositely made for VOIP communication, and/or be able to access the configuration panel of my line (currently being forbidden by the Telecom)?

That will work fine. You just need the access to the configuration of the device. You would enter our SIP credentials in there and yes it would be unlimited/ free. Let us know once you have access , we can setup the SIP from here and email it to you.

I did try to upload here a few images of the configuration settings i have access to, but your page it’s telling me that new users cannot paste images…
Anyway, can we setup a very brief test connection just to see if it works?
As i mentioned earlier, there is some part of this device i cannot access because it’s forbidden by the Telecom company i am using, but i can’t remember which one exactly, i know this because one day i had to call them here to fix it and the engineer didn’t want to give me the second password to access some particular settings (right now i can access the menu, but there are so many option and i am not sure which one will you need).
If it works, we can start a new subscription, thanks.

Please try posting the screenshots now as it should work fine

Do you see any settings for SIP or Line configuration?

Ok thanks.

Yes thats what you need, you probably can use the “wizard” to add generic SIP credentials. Email or PM your username and we’ll setup the SIP for you