Is flynumber for me? if yes what options do I pick?

I want to ask if I can receive all calls to the UK number I get? Can I actually talk to the caller?

For SMS, am I able to see all Phone numbers?

Can I use it to sign up on WhatsApp?

is flynumber for me? if yes what options do I pick?


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Hi There and thanks for considering us @geeekgeeeko

Yes of course, UK happens to be one of our best sourced phone numbers so the calls should be crystal clear.

Do you mean see the phone number sending the SMS? If so then yes, in the email we sent with the SMS that was sent to your Uk FlyNumber we include the caller ID (if applicable)

We can’t guarantee it however we hav seen success with this with certain numbers, I would suggest a UK mobile as at least with that SMS is enabled.

You can choose VoiP to test things out, or perhaps phone number and just forward the calls to a regular phone number.

This blog post can help you set that up (or let us know and we can help from here)

thank you for your response!
For the SMS part I meant, am I able to recieve SMSs becasuse the 07 number part is confusing. Could I also reply to it?

What would be the pricing for VOIP and/or the forwarding option?

thanks again!

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You’ll be able to receive SMS however at the moment we don’t have outbound SMS, we definitely want this added in the near future though and its in our “roadmap”

If you answer with VoIP its just the $2.95 for the number and the SMS is included.

Thanks and here if you need anything

Thank you for your response.

Just to confirm, the number is a 07 number and not a landline right?
and when I choose VoIP, it asks me to enter the host and details, what are these details exactly?

and are there other costs other than 2.95? ie will i be charged per minute of call or something?


Setup a free account on

You can then enter as the host and then the username you used there

(these settings can be changed anytime via your panel if you get anything wrong)

Correct, it falls under the “mobile” phone number type - its the only UK number that can receive SMS as well.

Not if you answer with VoIP, if you forward the UK mobile FlyNumber to a regular phone number there would be an additional per min rate.