Some questions about porting an Israeli phone number

I have some Israeli cell numbers that I’d like to port to Fly Number. I few questions though:

  1. How long does it take to port an Israeli cell phone number? I am currently using Golan Telecom as a provider.

  2. Is it possible to port the number back to a cell provider in the future?

  3. What are the options for receiving SMS messages from the ported number? Is it only e-mail?

  4. I don’t see an iOS app on your site. I see you can forward to SIP. What iOS apps do you know work well with your service. Do any of them support receiving and sending SMS as well as voice?

  5. If I have multiple numbers, can I configure each to forward to different numbers and e-mail addresses?

  6. I tried signing up and when I submit my info it just reloads the signup page. Any idea what’s going on?

Thank you.

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Hi there and appreacite you considering us.

With Israel it should be quick, a 2-5 business days.


At the moment, Mobile 55 will have it go to an email yes.

We really like Zoiper or groundwire for making and receiving calls while using our phone system . Its something we would like to implement quickly (SMS incoming and outgoing with the SIP apps)

Yes, you can have each FlyNumber texts go to a different email.

Well thats not good, what browser and try choosing regular phone number forwarding (with any phone number)

Please let us know if this persists

We found the issue here, the error was not showing up due to cache configurations.

… we just ran out of Israeli mobile numbers, looking to get them back ASAP (Will update)

Great, awaiting an update. Keep in mind I was looking to port a number, so not sure why you need another number, unless it’s just temporary while porting.

Thanks and you can order Israel mobile numbers now.

Exactly, the number assigned by the system will be replaced with the number you’re porting in.

So you’ll see the number you’re porting in before it’s actually ported, this way you can update the settings ahead of time.

Edit: Once you create the account and order an Israeli mobile number, open a ticket regarding the port and will get the form out to your ASAP