Porting of Skype Numbers and Receiving SMS

I came across FlyNumber as I’m looking for an alternate to Skype In numbers. I’m impressed with the flexibility of forwarding options to different services as it allows for growth. However, like many people I already have a number with Skype and would like to continue using it (for in and out).

My understanding is that Skype will allow porting out of numbers (but not in). That would be perfect if we could transfer a Skype In number to FlyNumber. Of course, Skype are also vague so any feedback on this would be useful. Please refer to the following article:


Porting our Skype numbers would lead to another limitation. If we continue to use Skype, we can’t set Caller ID of an outgoing number without SMS. Receiving SMS would be incredibly useful in your product. Rather than SMS forwarding, you could initially resolve the SMS issue if you were able to display the received SMS within your web interface. All we need is the ability to read the SMS so we can verify the FlyNumber with other services like Skype.

Hope the feedback helps!


Hi Grant

Thanks for the kind feedback, we should be able to port in a Skype number without any issues

You can PM or email us the full phone number and we can confirm

At the moment we dont support SMS with the Flynumber but if you do port the number to us you can make and receive calls using SIP , which would allow you to display your FlyNumber as the outgoing caller ID

We hope to one day add SMS forwarding but there is no ETA