SIP Trunk over NAT

I have the below scenario.
One of my companies is having PBX & the other company is having Cisco CUCM.
I want to make SIP trunk between these 2 so that each company can communicate over VOIP.
Below are my queries.

  1. Company A PBX & the company B CUCM are in the same network.
  2. So I am planning to use NAT for the communication between them. It will be double NAT
  3. The end phone systems of company A & company B can communicate with each other (No NAT required)

In this scenario, if I make sip trunk using NAT (double NAT) will it work.
Will sip trunk under double NAT will work ?

any help regarding this.
Any suggestions

Very sorry for the delay on this

Basically, it may work. However, the best would be thing to do is to test this specific scenario using our phone.system.

Let us know your username and we will send you a phone number to test out for free