Select an area code not for the city it is associated with?

I want to use area code 250 (Victoria, BC) for my flynumber in Nanaimo, BC (same local calling area on Vancouver Island) instead of the 778 area code listed for Nanaimo. My Canadian cell number is 250 and would like to keep the flynumber with the same prefix.

How do the 877 link to Nanaimo, and the 250 link to Victoria affect my service? Seems like I could select Victoria to get the 250 number, but I will be living in Nanaimo and be giving out the 250 number as a virtual land line.

Or do I have to select 877 for Nanaimo?


Hi there,

You can order any Canada number as far as we are concerned, so a Victoria 250 local number will work fine.

If you want the same area code you dont want to choose 778 Nanaimo- we will assign you a Nanaimo number but the prefix will be 778

Doesnt seem we have 250 Nanimo

In conclusion, you can order a 250 Victoria number and forward it to any phone number in the world, it will not have an affect on our side - someone calls the 250 Victoria and will just forward to your mobile phone

Hopefully this clears things up, if not just let us know

Edit: Easy 3rd party tool to analyze phone numbers and let you know where they are from